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  • ...amazing ability to network, source, and bring the top talent...

    • Kris Duggan
    • CEO, BetterWorks
  • ...high impact result...

    • Mike Beebe
    • CEO, Mayfield Robotics
  • ...fantastic partner...

    • Jim Rose
    • CEO, CircleCI
  • ...extremely well networked...

    • Bill Demas
    • CEO, Shopkick
  • ...great experience...

    • Eric Marcotulli
    • CEO, Elysium Health
  • ...great work...

    • Anthony Smith
    • CEO, Insightly
  • ...impressed...

    • Shane Corstorphine
    • GM Americas, Skyscanner
  • ...excellent experience...

    • Ryan Day
    • COO & co-founder, Atomist
  • ...pleasure working with you...

    • Yoni Broyde
    • CEO, Alooma
  • ...very happy...

    • Sid Sijbrandij
    • CEO, GitLab
  • ...super efficient search...

    • Harry Glaser
    • CEO, Periscope Data
  • ...AWESOME outcome...

    • Ryan McQuaid
    • CEO, PlushCare
  • ...excellent work...

    • Deepak Thomas
    • CEO, Phil
  • ...great addition to the team...

    • Raghu Murthy
    • CEO, Datacoral
  • ...great process...

    • Craig Walker
    • CEO, Dialpad
  • ...excellent candidates...

    • Jager McConnell
    • CEO, CrunchBase
  • ...couldn't be more excited...

    • David Rusenko
    • CEO, Weebly
  • …thanks for all your help…

    • Greg Murphy
    • CEO, Zenreach
  • …great working with you…

    • Oleg Rogynskyy
    • CEO, People.ai
  • …very glad with the outcome…

    • Assaf Wand
    • CEO, Hippo Insurance
  • …fantastic…

    • Lawrence Whittle
    • CEO, Parsable
  • …could not have done it without you…

    • Sarah Nahm
    • CEO, Lever
  • …fantastic...highly recommend…

    • Erik Nierenberg
    • CEO, Litmus
  • …responsive, professional, and efficient...highly recommend…

    • Kyle Wong
    • CEO, Pixlee


 Kevin Buckby

Kevin Buckby

Kevin has more than 15 years of executive search experience. Before founding Carbon Partners, Kevin spent 6 years as a Partner at Riviera Partners, where he was responsible for recruiting high-impact product and marketing executives. During his time at Riviera Kevin led more than 100 successful searches

 Benjamin Christian

Ben Christian

Ben has been focused on marketing and product recruitment for the last 10 years. Prior to founding Carbon Partners he was with the global recruitment firm Robert Walters where he opened the San Francisco office and grew it to be one of the most successful new offices worldwide. 

 Nick Westerman

Nick Westerman

Nick has exclusively focused on executive level product, marketing, and growth oriented roles for the entirety of his recruitment career. Prior to joining Carbon Partners, Nick worked at Riviera where his expertise in executive search resulted in him becoming the youngest Principal in company history.


Katy Engle

Katy has focused heavily on marketing and product roles throughout her career as a recruiter. Before joining Carbon Partners, Katy was at Swing Talent where she led enterprise marketing searches across VC-backed companies and was a top performer, successfully completing over 50 searches. 


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