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Market Opportunity 

The family dynamic has changed over the years. Higher rates of divorce, more double income families, and the growth of multigenerational households have attributed to an increase in discord and stress amongst the family unit. While technology has largely transformed the way groups interact with each other on a social and professional level, there is yet to exist a technology that specifically addresses the needs of the modern family.

Abraham Maslow, a famous American psychologist, developed a theory addressing humans’ basic and universal needs. He noted that safety and security are fundamental to the strength of the family unit. Appropriately, knowing where a member of the family is, that they are safe, and being able to communicate with them in an effective and consistent manner is fundamental to healthy and trusting family relationships.
As a parent it is hard not to constantly stress about your family's safety. Every time your child steps out into the world, there are inevitably aspects of risk associated with it. For example, teens have the highest automobile crash rate of any group in the United States and according to the CDC the leading cause of death for US teens is motor vehicle accidents. Being aware of potentially dangerous habits that contribute to this statistic is important as parents look for a way to ensure their child’s wellbeing.
Although there is truly no right answer regarding child-rearing, it is often said that a parent’s job is to find a balance between raising an independent member of society and providing the appropriate level of parental guidance and boundaries. To aid in this, the modern family needs a more efficient and effective way to provide children autonomy while also maintaining communication, and ensuring their safety.


Life360 is a modern communication platform that is designed to help keep your family safe, synchronized, and together. The App provides instant communication with family members along with their locations, one tap check-ins, driver safety reports, emergency alerts and more.

Life360 allows parents to give their children autonomy in a safe and secure setting. Parents are able to set no-go zones, view highlights of their teen drivers most recent trips - such as top speed traveled, cell phone use, and rapid acceleration/deceleration- and equip their teen driver with crash detection and response (dispatching first responders immediately to their location when a crash is detected). 

Knowing your family is safe is the most important thing, and Life360’s mission is to build technology that extends the realm of safety beyond the front door so that families feel safe and synchronized and together no matter where they are.

"We usually use Life360 to keep everyone on the same page, but last week you saved my son's life. He was in a major accident and without Life360 he might not have gotten the help he needed in time. Thank you!" - Grace Edwards (Phoenix, Arizona)


Founded in 2007, Life360’s vision is to employ technology to solve the challenges families face. Using the Life360 platform families are able to stay safe, synchronized, and together. To date Life360 has raised $76M in funding from top VCs and strategic investors such as Bessemer Ventures, 500 Startups, and ADT. 

Headquartered in San Francisco Life360 is comprised of over 75 employees, has over 10M daily active users. 

Due Diligence

Life360's corporate overview can be viewed here.

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Life360 is looking for a VP of Product who can envision, define, and execute a product strategy that delivers a best in class user experience. The VP of Product will be responsible for contributing to the overall strategic direction of the company, effectively partnering with other functional heads to conceptualize product strategy, and implement sophisticated product processes that make product delivery faster, more efficient and higher quality.

The Candidate 

Experience running product in a mobile consumer company is required. Domain knowledge or experience building applications geared towards families is nice-to-have. 

The ideal candidate will have a modern approach to mobile software development and a good instinct for the trade offs between process and agility. They are comfortable operating in new product categories and developing products that go beyond consumers' expectations.

Highly competent, and results focused, but with a low-ego and ability to get hands on from day one. The VP of Product thrives in an agile startup environment and possesses an innate ability to recruit and retain world-class talent. The ideal candidate requires little direction and demonstrates a bias to action.